John Brock

John Brock

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First Name * John
Last Name * Brock
Username * JohNLA
Country * USA
City Los Angeles
Nationality USA
Languages English


Current Position Designer
Areas of Expertise Games Computer
Preferred Tools 3dTextureAnimationMaxMayaPhotoshop


Availability: Freelance


From 2006-2007 I created new medical animations for the University of South Carolina. I created the Hunt For Blue Artisia. A game level made as a mod for UT2004.
Began work on the Titan Up Crew animations.

From 2005 to 2004, I spent eight months at the Information Sciences Institute creating the environmental art and 3D assets and animations for Tactical Language Iraqi. That project was one of only two 2005 winners of DARPA "significant achievement"awards.

In 2004, I began building environments and assets for the Institute of Creative Technology and Information Sciences Institute of University of Southern California and training interns on the art of level building and asset management.
I also created an animation for the ICT DVD, demonstrating various surround sound systems for a two minute animated short.

In 2003, I started doing freelance forensic work for the other U.S.C. University of South Carolina making four simulations of the whole breathing and swallowing process and typical abnormalities used for instructing medical students.

In 2000, I moved to Los Angeles to find a job in which I could use my computer skills. Made by Kiddies, hired me as a contract employee and for three years I headed the 3D graphics development and implementation in their games. It was with MBK that I got my first two published credits on games like Air Raid and Alien Blast in which I worked as the the level designer on both.

In 1999, I got a scenic painting job at Universals Islands of Adventure in Orlando doing f aux painting. After that, I began work at Walt Disney World, airbrushing portraits and caricatures. I sold more than two thousand paintings while I was employed there. I think that is when I really learned how important it is to please your client.
In 1989, I graduated high school and started college at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, Colorado. There I earned my Sculpture/Drawing degree under professors like Charles Parson. Link to a newspaper clipping of me creating an ice sculpting


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